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Handwriting Books for Kids

Nicole Mercieca-Jones  

HAPPY HANDS CO. was established in 2021 by Melbourne mother of three, Nicole Mercieca-Jones. 

Having spent the better half of 2020 and 2021 home-schooling her two older children, the eldest of whom has Autism Spectrum Disorder; she soon realised that the biggest challenge of becoming a 'teacher' was trying to read her children's scrawl. 

Weeks and months of tried and failed attempts at utilising traditional handwriting improvement tools such as tracing lined sheets; led the Happy Hands Co. founder to a new method of developing handwriting skills that focused on guiding pen strokes, building muscle memory and most of all had an element of FUN for children who struggle with even the thought of placing pen to paper. 

Happy Hands Co. aims to reduce the hesitancy and fear that some children experience around writing by introducing an element of FUN with our MAGIC InvisInk pens! The pens' ink slowly fades and disappears after writing, making each booklet reusable, environmentally friendly and above all else - fun! 

The Happy Hands Co. booklets have all been designed by Nicole, keeping in line with Australian Curriculum handwriting guides^ to develop:

  • hand-eye coordination

  • fine motor control

  • correct letter shapes by following the suggested sequence of movement

  • consistent size, slope, spacing, proportion and alignment of letters

  • appropriate use of pen lifts

  • legible handwriting

  • a positive attitude towards handwriting


Through her own experience with her childrens' Occupational Therapists, Nicole's understanding of the complexities of fine motor skills has also led to the inclusion of therapeutic hand products; that aim to assist in developing fine motor skills to improve pen grip, reduce hand fatigue and strengthen the hand and finger muscles to encourage Happier Handwriting™ 

We hope that you and your children enjoy the products that Happy Hands Co. has created and that these assist in developing Happier, Healthier Hands. 

^Handwriting in the South Australian Curriculum 

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