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  • How big are the booklets?
    Each booklet is 20cm x 14cm - which is roughly A5 in size (half of an A4) This smaller size is designed to reduce the hesitancy and overwhelm that can sometimes seem a big task on a standard A4 sized book. The books are made of .45mm thick cardstock ensuring quality and durability so you can continue to use them over and over again!
  • How are the InvisInk pens magic?
    The InvisInk pens use a special ink that writes and then fades slowly until it disappears. This means you can reuse your booklets over and over again - saving you money AND the environment! Now, we don't want to give away the magic secret to the InvisInk, but we can tell you that heat and humidity do impact how long the ink lasts for. Always replace the cap after using your InvisInk pens and only ever use InvisInk pens on your Happy Hands Co. booklets.
  • Can I use my own pens?
    NO! Using any other pen, pencil, texta, crayon or other writing utensil will permanently mark your Happy Hands Co. booklets and they will no longer be reusable. We recommend explaining this to your child/ren before each use.
  • Can I buy individual booklets?
    Unfortunately not at this stage. There are two kits available. The Classic Kit includes all five Happy Hands Co. booklets! - Alphabet - Numbers - Shapes and Lines - Sight Words - Days of the Week, Months and Seasons This kit is perfect for all ages from 3+ The Mini Kit includes three booklets, which are suited to older writers who have already developed pre-writing skills and just require more practice for formation and consistency in their handwriting. This kit includes: - Alphabet - Numbers - Sight Words
  • Will these booklets help improve my child/ren's handwriting?
    Any handwriting practice will help to improve your child's handwriting. The unique design of the Happy Hands Co. booklets includes embossed grooves that will guide your child's pen strokes, thus improving their hand-eye coordination, developing their muscle memory - storing these physical movements and making them a more natural process for your child to apply when writing unassisted. We certainly hope that with repeated use and practice, The Happy Hands Co. booklets will become an egaging handwriting improvement tool for you and your children.
  • My child is left-handed - are these booklets suitable?
    Absolutely! Our founder's daughter is left-handed and she was a key part of the development process, ensuring that the Happy Hands Co. booklets can be used by lefties and right-handers alike.
  • I've seen similar booklets online - how are these different?
    You may have seen similar handwriting booklets online, however the Happy Hands Co. booklets are the ONLY Australian owned, Melbourne designed booklets. Some notable differences about our Happy Hands Co. booklets: - Australian owned - Designed in Melbourne - Developed with the Australian Curriculum - Booklet kits available for different stages of learning - Larger format print - Higher quality stock - 2 kinds of rubber grips included - Handy storage box or bag included to keep your booklets neat and protected By purchasing Happy Hands Co. products you are supporting an Australian owned business and we cannot thank-you enough!
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