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Mini Handwriting Practice Kit - 3 Booklets

The Happy Hands Co. Mini Handwriting Practice Kit is the ultimate tool for handwriting readiness. 


Our handwriting books are specifically designed to develop and improve handwriting in children, aged from 3 and over, by guiding pen strokes and engaging the fine-motor muscles of the fingers and hands and storing these in muscle memory. This allows your child to transfer the skills they learn in their Happy Hands Co. handwriting practice books to the classroom.  


The Happy Hands Co. handwriting books use embossed grooves to guide pen strokes. Our MAGIC pens use InvisInk which means that within a few minutes, the ink disappears. This means our handwriting practice books are reusable, environmentally friendly and super fun!


Our Mini Kits are beautifully packaged in a handy clear zip carry case, keeping all your booklets, magic pens and pen grips neat and tidy!



3 Booklets dedicated to developing and enhancing handwriting skills

  • Alphabet
  • Numbers
  • Sight Words


  • 1 x Magic Ink Pen


  • 10 x Magic Ink Refills


  • 1 x Fish Pen Grip
  • 1 x Wide Pen Grip

Mini Handwriting Practice Kit - 3 Booklets

GST Included
  • How to use Happy Hands Co. Handwriting Practice Books

    • Only use the InvisInk pens supplied with your booklets. Using standard pens will mean you cannot reuse your booklets.
    • Do not attempt to remove the InvisInk with damp cloths, wipes or erasers – the ink will disappear on its own like MAGIC!
    • InvisInk fades depending on how much force is used when writing. It can also be impacted by humidity and temperature.
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