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Children's Handwriting Books

Give your child the best start to handwriting readiness with our amazing A5 sized booklets designed specifically to improve, encourage and develop writing skills from ages 3+






Multi-Sensory, Mess Free,
Child Friendly Handwriting Books 

Happier Handwriting is Here!

Does your child struggle with handwriting?

Do they have sensory issues preventing them from

putting pen(cil) to paper?

Are they hesitant to participate in written activities?

Childrens handwriting books

Happy Hands Co. is here to help!

Our handwriting books are designed to engage your child with colourful pages and fun icons and writing guides. 

The handwriting books are small in size - just A5 - the perfect size for small hands. Handwriting improvement goals are more achievable giving your child a sense of accomplishment. 

Happy Hands Co. handwriting books for children are made of thick card-stock with grooved pages to easily glide the gel ink pens - reducing sensory feedback and allowing your child to form lines, letters and numbers effortlessly. 


The gel ink pens use InvisInk which magically writes, fades and disappears - this element of magic creates an element of curiosity, and breaks down handwriting barriers so your child can enjoy writing and work on improving their handwriting!

Give your child the BEST start to their handwriting journey with  Happy Hands Co. handwriting books!

Children's Kid's Handwriting Books


Improves Hand & Eye

Develops Muscle Memory

Encourages Happier Handwriting™

Happy Hands Co. Handwriting Books

Happy Hands Co. handwriting books are designed to develop and improve children's handwriting by guiding pen strokes and engaging the fine-motor muscles of the fingers and hands and storing these in muscle memory. This allows children to transfer the skills they learn in their Happy Hands Co. handwriting books to the classroom.  

The Happy Hands Co. handwriting book set use embossed grooves to guide pen strokes. Our MAGIC pens use InvisInk which means that within a few minutes, the ink disappears, making our booklets reusable, environmentally friendly and super fun!

Three Handwriting Book Kits to choose from...

The MAGIC of Happy Hands Co.

Happy Hands Co. handwriting development books aim to reduce the hesitancy and sometimes, reluctance to practice handwriting; by adding an element of magic to the experience - helping to break through those barriers, and encourage children to engage in writing based activities. 



Magic Copy books


The MAGIC InvisInk pens use a gel ink the glides through the grooved guides on each page, making handwriting practice easier and more fluid.

Magic Copy Books


The InvisInk writes and then slowly starts to fade. The time it takes for the ink to fade is dependent on the environmental temperature. 

Magic Copy Books


The InvisInk will fade and then DISAPPEAR just like MAGIC!

This makes the Happy Hands Co. handwriting books reusable over and over again - saving you money and the environment!


Occupational Therapy

"Everyone loves it! The books have been such a hit and are really engaging in our group classes."


"She played with the kit for ages and even took it to school to show her teacher!
Empowering little ones with confidence where they are lacking is the most important gifts we can give our children."


"We just got our kits and in just 5 minutes we were able to see the improvement - I can't believe it! He loves the 'magic' ink too. Thank-you!"

Recommended by Occupational Therapists

Happy Hands Co. Kits are used by Occupational Therapists across Australia

in Handwriting Development Programs and Classes. 

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-Eye Coordination is the ability to simultaneously use our hands and eyes. This is a complex cognitive ability, calling for our visual and motor skills to unite. As children start to make lines and shapes, our eyes send visual information to the brain to tell it where the hand is placed, and how to move in order to create appropriate lines and shapes resulting in letters and numbers.

Muscle Memory

Muscle Memory is the ability to reproduce a particular movement without conscious thought. Repeating the flow of lines and strokes in numbers and letters, aids muscle memory to develop the skill of handwriting. 

The grooved pages in the books further assist in developing muscle memory by removing the pressure of following dotted lines found in traditional handwriting practice books. 

Happier Handwriting

The Happy Hands Co. books are smaller in size, making them ideal for smaller hands and also allowing children to set achievable goals and giving them a sense of achievement. 

The bright and colourful pages are engaging and the magic of the InvisInk pens, which write, fade and disappears gives a whole new level of engagement and breaks down any hesitancy barriers!

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